Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Passes through soul

Passes through soul
Neela Padmanabhan
In our place, there is a grandpa,
a great grandpa for all.
He has good desires
for each and everyone.
His age no one knows.
News flashes out one fine morning
Spreading like forest- fire;
that he is the owner, of crores and crores of properties.
People-local and outside,
Friends, foes and bystanders,
those who come and go,
who had no time till that moment,
rushed towards him.
“Where is the treasure?”
“Where is the treasure?”
“Who saw it?”
“Who took it?”
“Is the thief in the ship itself?”
“Ordinary thief or robber?”
“Where is the account?”
“You have no right,
“I am the actual possessor”
“As it is public property
it is for all countrymen and women”
“Grandpa is from our place
hence we are the natural possessors”
No end to arguments, counter arguments,
Seminars, symposiums,
heated debates, discussions, judicial cases,
twenty-four hour security coverage
with electronic camera, secret video footages
to find the secret stealing by the self styled possessors inside
or the ones from outside,
Always turmoil, commotions and confusion.
A pollution of noises and clashes;
could not blink his eyes, not a moment to recline
he passed through the soul.

*Tamil word” KADAVUL” ie God means One who passes through the soul

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